Saturday, August 2, 2014

Depths Thief

The Colonel stripped down to the bone.
A heavy T-Rex that has slept all day's hot taint.
A bright dog in pure lightning.
Thief of depths!
Lube is an explicit luxury.
Straws stuck weepy into a cloistered dummie's suicide flap.
Octopi licking pig's blood off of fried chicken.
Their genitals crash-testing its incomplete bladder.
Atmospheric mush of role-player energy drinks.
Carrie's malware tool tricks magic.
Resuscitated the sad dungeon master on E-cig vanilla.
Minnie Mouse finishes the Gameboy.
Dead crows. Fluff in their bellies.
Bunny ranch oxygen cake. 
Advertising the cramps of 911's seedy architecture.
The anatomical syringe's puke cycle.

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