Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bagel Body

Urine clunks “in a bucket” – and the hologram's cardboard cutout surfacing
outside of Siri, a cartoon shed awake,
foils the endeavors of the witch app, with narcolepsy –
for the Lord's spinal beak bends more to gross candy than to popcorn – “on a train” – the
ambiguous optics of a scrambled meme –
food flavors the K-9 wizard had fucked out of fear's bobbing
electronics – oil data, multiplied railway dark – the twitching scrotum
and the bagel body, a Pepsi on its knee:
HP Lovecraft's marijuana wiener's bagel body spits
ebola shit – transmits trench beauty, from God's food truck
through solar silk – as yet not a tentacle on the e-cigarette's kill-switch.  

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