Thursday, August 21, 2014

Autumn Arrives Cockily

Pockets of romantic lung muzzle. No way, a cheerleader gag curtain. Scrape napkin overall dry barista torture in my rosy death grip penis twitching bong nebula of honeycomb, evaporate up the ass, and a bleak mascot, leaked thug mundane and with heated eyelid of pigeon death expels skull weather and the couch dripping an event horizon kiss aggregate, a piece of canary nurtured coal think piece of processed raccoon. Y'all's policeman wrist mold – an aesthetic eviscerated to a viscosity of orange bloodshed and suicide houseplant-gutted metastasized doom. Defecating wolves, whores, autumn's cock. On that note, tonight the crypt keeper said RoboCop the alchemist fart Marvel gristle of too many vegetable dots plank like a penis dangling in front of crumbling intravenous source code like a lizard. The spectrum plowed into fucking mashed potatoes; unsettled diaper-connections of ass cobra spray-on array implant freshly. We die.  

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