Friday, July 11, 2014

Tintin Upskirt

A permanent disablement option or
setting to leave an unconscious robot fetus
backwards loop on all the nice bits of machine
nurse presence a “storage green” bleep
of occult vintage butts, dirt/foreign body ingress
and interconnected frog leg penis robot
ninja suckers electrode nipple chain
scorched feet to silent infinite clown balls  
in an experimental marrying of gangster fuzz
motherboard rubber orbit measured doughnut
blood gulps in rat fuck wizard product fade
tight Tardis headroom output choke and tarantula blood
crust umbrella boing with some harsh ashtray shame bruise
spork doom sour - and making friends in
the actual arbitrary fake snow tight spread Tintin upskirt
narcissist substance wedding vermin
spew over long party cadaver tooth ever since
the bloody human face jamb, eliciting boning
and cyborg nano porno fibers of radioactive
mirror ganglia glare with ninja turtle jug
singularity – then blend enjoying her permanent
3D printed strand of ribbed McDonald's
desiccated screw doll shark skull accelerator
Tool masked with Ernie's dog worm taint 
rancid, opaque, coitus demon super particles
scratch love furniture bloody knees of action

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