Sunday, June 8, 2014


figure scare into a warlord made of ass
force feed magnet sutured to boogie spike
and like war clouds shit on the street

your reptile dorks spore
before a totally logical murk
on gummy fire buried Paleolithic in orgy, taste it waste it

boiling through to metal
worn in parable unsightly
sleepgasm groan for swaths of roadside attraction

and cut teeth down Monsanto hep
to cartoon pitchfork aflop
automotive rebuke

in a concrete cloud, WALL-E the garden schizophrenic
tinfoil mannequin expansion
grabbing hyper affliction in drag

plaid swan frazzle greasy
joke science tonsil pastiche
as a wiener inhabits a dick pic

as a patina of chemical inserts
as human emotions projected onto impenetrable app

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