Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Welcoming Committee's Howitzer

Swans' own personal bubbling-up bummed a doily to death today,
dogman nipples draped in Ferengi pinholes, schmaltzy gnaw humanizing
immersive flog, a zillion stinky butts embossed alive, skinned by axiomatic
fingerbanger tangentially shredding id outskirts-ward, burning my face as
with a pragmatic moo I shart ancient curses clustered like sonic vapor on black,
carcinogens the Mixologist's enigmatic cardboard wolfs parallel
with its own conductivity's grim zipper, muddied arm exploding in slipstreams
of airhead-kickstarted vacuum cleaner, tearing through zits
on the walls because that's how my precious mess flares: in alphabetical
order, in a noose, like a welcoming committee's howitzer
shooting the shit today for you, sir.

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