Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Life is an illusion's lunar fingers.
Pale and glistening.
Centipedes slithering back into Abyss.
A stiff heart's nest.
Life is fried data.
The bird-salad behind Frankenstein's monster's mask.
Made out of smoke and defibrillator
Eyes inside a burning lamp.
Life is a poisonous phenomenon.
A brighter red electro-Mountain Dew.
Life is resurrection sucked from a suicide-cocoon.
Blazing Ewok 
Here and there the distinctive yawp of a psychopath.
Life is an encoded moonwalk.
Life is slither 
Life is worm
An orphan puppy
Followed by bacon-death.
Fly-brain gravy heaven.
Life is on Uranus. 

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