Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Inverted Echo, Wobble

Assholes slosh polarized in the collapse of continental pizza.
Confected in contrasting hemorrhage, prolapse-shower. Oxymoron smell.
Space-sawed smiling swamps. Celebrities shit-shroud death.
Rejected devil bubbles, fap fap fap fap; falling off of sky jig like lawn zygote, onto lawn. 
A jagged, awkward horse electric. Beaten back, a pit of sentient milk in bottomless tee.
Karaoke-legless on Skyrim plug. Ironic serial killer ridges.
Meesa oil-ramifications seem to seem DIY to a ho!
Vegetable vampire-venous sea cucumbers, ahoy! Gangnam dick pools open thread, motherfucker!
Farfetched anuses dry-heave toward a curvier nuke...
Dog worm inside out, great, castrated spaces. Magnificent, UFO, truck nuts.
A tinfoiled blood vignette moons, like pronounced glass, are drunk on.
Psychedelic kneecaps fucked a ray unseen behind protective titty.
Time-lapse knife slammed inverted echo wobble. Ate very hot absurd money shards. 

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