Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fun Worms

One leg shorter than the mind's stump
A scrabbling hypothalamus's armhole egress
Coarse 80s Facebook golden shower
Segments of hate boner, peeled eyelid
Cheese Minecrafts up in the down-throes of repeat
Rare dulcet faucet deconstructed astride invertebrate horse
Seasick dry-ice lab squiggle released canned, a chemically thinner turtle
The Terminator has fun worms
Exposed seams flub their servo
Dungeon lesions cum projectile cum caught in webbing
A wedding anal probe phobe
A leather extravaganza of smarting conjoined twin pileup
Raw snooze dipping radar rattling into pockets of bursting consciousness
The smell of burnt cooking
The music's all-encompassing kitsch
Poe chirping “Oi, me bong is missing”
Pollen upon piano doll tentacles
I am content dang-it”
I romanticize magic vomit”
I am the disintegration's contents”
Nice fob, Falcor”
Sushi clouding the offending sack of entrails
Impressed, but anthropomorphic CD players bum me mate out
Gruesome offal wedgie at the porta potty theme park innit
Electrical embedded footprints winking yea c'mon in pancake psychedelic
Me undulating goiter wrecked her steak” and the walls are now sweating
And the gradual gangrenous creeping fist-bump of wigs
And the subsequent disquieting mystery tour cluster-throb
Smelling sneezing flux capacitor urinal wheelchair-bagging 
Cracked roachdick circlejerk noise-figure
Psychosis litmus in cool evening jello 

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