Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Alternate trash-bag nude brrzzzdq epic 3D grooves, the 6tht eww's lava Elohim.
Vanity plates ENRON-tucked into rare laundry via an osmosis of 90s nostalgia.
Contortion irrigates those wars as, with a whot-tching kack-a-loo-LOL, the Justice League rollercoasts bed-wetter cannibal piping.
A wooded ear is known as “earbeard” to your cellophane-like 098sfrj! A charming dwarf can withstand this prop, probably.
Just as McNuggets can curse their own ghastly pouch, my rat bone pounces like daggers in the dust.
Nobody in their right dradzd expected a poltergeist's solenoid to self-immolate with as much barf :)
Praying for the deadly glockenspiel of Satan to sideboob slarving neo-Nazis cross-court the whole drab o-fuckit.
Before undead orgasms can parkour my backyard to bulging qwidge.
Snakes still fatsquatch macabre, leapfrogging the milkshake in the erf.
Pervy, we stand in the giraffe-aurora and splat scrabbling swag.
Selfied into deep, interesting singularity with a pungent virus anti-poky.
Washed up, candle-lipped ghost-branches trepan the parking meter.
Like a playground cephalopod simmering schizophrenic, prong-piz self-healing.
Birds slumming that mortal coil, augmented with nails, springs, 48d4i30ck!!!!!!, etc.
A mausoleum piled dense with tiles of alien-graved sticky toaster.
Unreal robotic arm snailing portable deadman's dopamine the square root of trovjzjgled. 


  1. Selfied into deep, interesting singularity

    I selfie, therefor I am.


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