Friday, April 11, 2014

Wet Wipe Antidepressant

Urinal antlers kneel starving in the salt of invasive television
Jihadists cocked vampire wet by crazy gravitational waves or whatever 
should dildo hysterics?    
Impaled catacombs of rectal radio lust and ravenous webcomic clones 
are all on the same paper?  
Dialing Saw 3D up on the spit of a nude scene to trigger sundry eel-overlap    
Car wash corpses fading into mummified steppes
Pouring bleach from heroin-knit kisses
A fly [citation needed] in the windpipe of the Barbie meatball? 
Humanoid [bipedal] chicken [plural]??
Reconstructing biodiversity at the gaudy hospital party with a dentist's ignorant angst
Acid streaming into the fleshy disfigurement's mold
A joke antidepressant 

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