Sunday, April 6, 2014

James Franco's Toughened Sexts

The shape hiding amid cuddling clowns
does not exist, only the molecules
worded into agony
The specter of the victim caterpillars up its own skeleton's ass
Ingredients baking in a hot dinosaur-pile
Sexts toughened by the gang-life of metaphor
Nipples twitching from ingesting the narrative
Watching nachos through that low-res gasoline, baby
Sooooooo much uncomfortable code
As the Marvel goat chews a large placebo made of horseshit,
fangirls breathe in its underground personal space through the cereal-scape
Forks balloon like birds, like blood, in a bizarre pinball aftermath
Dangerous fly-pixels haunt James Franco's shit-canvas
Skin, metal, me –
An afflicted firefly lounging on digital furniture
The mesmerizing neighborhood curse foreshadowed by NASA's old psychic slime
White mice that turn everything into triangles grab my ADHD
In the dilapidated dawn, crocodiles poop hard green cookies
I awaken from overdose 

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