Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Driving, Nodding

Though he meant 'untoward,' Nietzsche put his tractor into 'reverse.'
Well, same thing. Don't worry about it. It's just a headstone
in the shower, bored. Out here on the edge of my world, the WiFi is soothing –
at its core a werewolf is tearing the shower curtain's ever-living Tetris
into pale bumper stickers, real-life memes bunged steamy into rearview
cube-perspectives, choking the very bumper of my Yaris.
'I'm in Hell,' the view of Hell commands. [Driving. Nodding.]
Well hell, you must tilt your head to indicate that you have a sickness. [Asshole.]
If I were a shiny black bug, I'd sexually cope with the indifference
of other shiny black bugs like stuffed coal. Stoned, I once almost electrocuted a
little green bug in my mom's kitchen trying to separate the dark matter from
its small, still-warming body, at midnight. Global warming clings to doughnuts
like a fucking scab. In the “perfect world,” spurts of doughnut breath liquify upon 
hitting a walkie-talkie. Some pigs have autism. Some cows (like me) have never left 
home. Cosmetically, it helps Earth to be just one neat cross-section of ice-cream fossil,
insignificant, vulnerable, naked, weeping garbage-colors into outerspace
like an exploding jukebox in a fairy tale or the village idiot in
an early English novel finding his niche. 

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