Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[Reddit Does The Ether.]

Fetal bear.
Fear beams absent eye contrast.
Death Star foul. An overwhelming video.
Laundering sawdust through colliding nights.
Gangnam diaper combustible greenhouse black.
An Odyssey for the complex floater.
At a magnetic spa Tesla's wig embraces magnetic piss.
Cracks entrain choo choo ^ ^.
Blowjob-infest blimp defect. Bucket-interrupt words.
What pussy abduction does to the former ether.
Floral pay phone booth bakes Popeye's fecal autism.
Plantations muzzle the science fiction stench.
Fuck the fedora infection, though.
? Ah, You Re-Entry-Addled Conehead.
? Axis of sawed-off cadaver chihuahua.
? Pale from dystopian Red Bull exposure!
>Slash cinnamon brow.
>Orally laugh barf.
! Suck drone.
! Etch blood's nano big bang.
! Kindly @ a church's DIY skeleton.
Cavemen frowning mimic the Avengers.
Climax em-dash. The angriest werewolf fossil coaster-effect.
Hatchet horns with crystal trout.
Yo-yo octopus bleak. An amorphous mustered heart.
Excel slasher slather.
Wither the ether..

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