Sunday, March 16, 2014

Comet-Tailed #sundaypoem

Wow, this author writes about life-size trash. 
Some of it comprises the tail of a comet.
Check out the stain's flattened pearl;
turtle-oil operatically launched by
the clockwork's orange sock;
body parts covered in the dew
of a surreal multiverse, etc.
Although because of generic murder-acts,
hot polymers crackle at the cores of 
a billion free e-books,
this stem cell impaler is Tron 
all lizard-frontal again,
a radioactive pauper popping 
enemas throughout SimCity
with the decaying cucumbers
of a BMX:
t-shirts underground 
lift in the wind:
a bloodied pickax signals forgiveness 
of the apocalyptic sea 
monster's gland.

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