Friday, March 14, 2014


The salad sounds Seinfeld makes as you watch it
on LSD, jerking it. Cry vomiting. The nausea. Eyes filling
with Vaseline every time their jaw flesh winks.
Tetris home engineering as practiced by the bloodied destroyer.
UFO vacuum cleaner vertebrae probing the emotional chambers of Horse Facebook.
Pumping the brain region where a vertical lawnmower
curdles Scrabble letters amid the dog zoo assonance of delayed go-kart
and butter-fueled Holy Christ at metro-underpants levels of vacant Garfield.
Imagine the despair of an anthropomorphic raccoon. Ear-exposed in shrunken 
gimp mask,the one true TV-colored unicorn stands in the room on square feet.
Prosthetic Lovecraft photoshopped as potted mirage. Moist balls strewn in
ramifications of 8-bit ocean, insect malware, gory jelq. Through the Stargate's
African beads, marshmallow traffic lights are being skinned at dawn.
Pigeon perfume on the grass.

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