Friday, February 21, 2014

Lego Rape

brain imaging a bag of dicks
when seamless becomes psychedelic 
a turnstile with long arms and a short body
one's hair, during teleportation, from turbulence
reconciled with hurtful Mars attacks in pizza delivery
mythical expletives rapped via chainsaw
gore triggered by D&D vagina
the Chernobyl beast's pungent arousal
jagged gravity, which the invaders feast on
electricity is a dirt trap
her autopsy, imaginary
teenage vampire merman 
his ant eyes, discharge
guts picked swirling in ocean cartilage
arrhythmia at the center of a balloon
parallel to the tasteless adder
tiny mouth, like a beige rim of dental plaque
when rats rape Lego
their orgasms are deposited on remote Uranus
Satan freezes them first 

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