Sunday, February 2, 2014

Iguana Dental Crowns

A swell of Pokemon appendages mayonnaising weird temperatures on everything equates with suffering. Fungusman enters a bar, suffers. Brain edge shaken squid nude, glitching spectral. The saturated feel of a Kalashnikov pointing at mushroom patrons, its usually silent parts hooting silent. Sporous ice-cream lurks, wet-dreaming sinus-bubbles, astringent, gets dropped. Gets picked up again, a neon spider euthanized in a panic, wet floor-dropped arachnoid caricature deepening. Garbage humps things. Complicated and sometimes nice things. A donkey-fucking frankfurter laces hives, colonizing like winged sperm crapping headless. Goatse cocktail corpse-o-rama: foliage purges bees. Strap-on holes, hilarious for their violent mastication, distill Ms Jetson's strap-on iguana lizard's gold fillings into cumwinged pocket change. Voltron flipped Fred Flitstone's taint around a knife, hung itself, safer, on a redneck's bullet hole stickers.   

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