Friday, February 28, 2014

Homerian Kiss

From the prophet's 12 story-high speaker stack comes the word Hello.
Wooting Dengue Dengue at a baby's photo op.
4chan suction circles on the plastic coffin grow a titty –
tweaking the Hawaiian shirt to extrapolate gangsta-goulash
          like the Grim Reaper dragged through
          pores of Getty images.
A vegetative NATO moonshot by the Freudian uvula in
          a caveman's violin
          approaches Mongolia.
Swiss-cheesed by the complex
coiling steam of X-rays
electro-blushing in ice-blood
          in a commercial.
Some invigorating recycling via horny lapses
          into spiritual horsehead.
Acclimating to a piece of shit under one's skin –
towers of darkly marching isolation absorbed by saliva,
palindromes splitting fantasy novels into otter-formations.
Aerial violence fishes everywhere,
          depleting the beetlejuice of the everywhere like
the orphan colonies permeated by Homer's kisses. 

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