Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Lizard's Part

ET's badly jerking haircut.
100% defenestrated cornflakes.
Glowdick's passive-aggressively broken fingernail.
Mall-murder's blade-interior's claw-feel. 
Hunts in a tantric onesie:
Big slick runs hearse-like. 
Down his buttock's solitary.
Turning armpit in fragments.
Of what's rejected when –
Hobo-ET flashes:
Ass-cold Axe-cloud auto-
mainlined really invisible.
[In fragments] only by mounting quicksand –
Deodorized lizarddick sleeping.
On weird structural supports:
A Target is where the moonlanding once was.
For there's slapstick, much.
In cattle-corpse nostril mooning mooncrater,
Exploded elf-guts. 
Atomizing on the lizard part's plywood facade,
Caped grapes. Crepe grudges. 
Erected in the image of the mythical cheerleader.
Piloting crime-bones.
Then switching them off.
With heavy shoes clutching at straws.

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