Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ink cut and ruminated into circus fossils
by Pedoplant's animatronic O face.
The shopping trolley of the meta-apocalypse
stuffed with numbers ballooning on top of numbers
in the style of El Chupacabra tased
beneath the UFO-scape's streetlights.
Jerk-radio Freud-frogs wavy as an
erection on its commute to the
Taco Bell urinal's strange eyeball romantically
unfrozen in a marijuana blaze.
Well, snakes have hatched on the online
disease-sea's swelling periodic table on
which a corkscrew-cocked raccoon stands
laughing like a screaming stapler. Twee
doom-doodle; your cancer's migration dependent
on mawkish gravity. A wax piano beaten
with chains of endless data simulation.   

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