Sunday, January 12, 2014

Church Party

Care for some of the primitive crap funky cartilage blurbs. Play Scrabble with the macabre cells. Self-cannibalized in a VCR suit's holiday spines. Bogus elephant rays sexually potato up, like a meltdown of one's Sunday oral cast, masking a clock of transmitted-cockroach. Bigfoot skateboards down the egg stair. Walleyed squirt of the Ark's diabetes-heating. Hitler diapers Dracula's thigh gap; open penis ghost-scrounged. Master sediment goatse. Bag-infusion exposing many a rotten tricorder. Software that fears the pizza's echolocation, which is fantastic. Peach glossy eye-poop, buttons uneasy ego stable again. Of the cunt sculpture's awful pole down the mass chemical. Distortion of mood-entanglement forks for miles. Preserves the pale impaled sweater. Boring, affected as reenactments of the church surgeon's butchering of artificial intelligence, in trans-opiate suicide unemotionally party.

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