Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Twin Peaks, As Understood By Someone Who Didn't Understand Twin Peaks

A semen-slathered robotic arm held the Log Lady's log.
A sliver of the intrepid selfie it helped take would drift
through Special Agent Dale Cooper's Power-Point presentation.

A catapult stationed in the heart of Saturn's ball pit
would distort the sky; on entering our atmosphere, its rubbery
payload would catch fire in fern-like strobes.

Lynch lets us explore the weird stages of “home” for the can opener;
babies veggie-crawl from the mouths of evil squeeze-bots
that assist in virgin births. Metallic rooftops swarm
the mystery shoe.

Curly horse head wrapped in Neanderthal bandana abuzz with recreating bonds –
for inside this wonderland-helmet a glass Earth's sinuses
puff drone-transmissions. Laura Palmer's yearbook pic reverberates with
extracts from an afterthought, as preludes to an alternate reality but also as bait.

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