Friday, November 8, 2013

Evil Dentist

While, like pee splashback on eBay, the torso of a stem cell looks all
flat in a solar eclipse, its ballooning skeleton arms
keep being dragged along by a hoary jetpack –
a suicide-ET going multiple-Cinderella
on his gaming console, mud-wrestling
neurological pewter that's already been diluted by
sex and violence.

Stepping out into the sun, this potato loses its eyebrow's connecting screw.
A dark dentist amidst his enamel housewares,
it wears an artificial heart on a chain
while blogging – eyebrow-less, potato-chested – about anxiety and
other medical emissions. An abstract blowfish fills its masochistic visualizations –
X-ray vision's salad fringes line their post-nuclear footprints.
Again, like the Babylon termites churn out, flattened
to reduce friction – deformed by overdubbing.

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