Friday, October 25, 2013

Aborting Mickey Mouse

A child doodles a crater.
Which becomes the Grim Reaper's church.
The sun dissects the opacity of the bloated sea monster.

Syphilitic clown-sinew brewed up by incest
in a horseshoe of alternative bladders;
Bollywood speed-dating
in formations of decaying bugs.

To the glorifying catcalls of ghouls, SpongeBob's shorts recrudesce –
replacing a McDonald’s tripod
with a bony Mount Doom.
Blackened, half-aborted Mickey Mouse-polystyrene
left to be raised by wolves.

Warhol's ADD disfigured his voodoo doll. By now an outdated Ewok,
buried alive in the form of smoothly stacked Pringles,
it moonwalks a braid of crumbs to the anus of a vending machine ...
along the paisley fringes of vertigo and Warp Drive's stink,

the hollowed-out basement's
shoggoth-outflow disguised
as paths bent weird by floods.

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