Sunday, September 8, 2013

sexy golem

Netherworld overused in shower curtain timelapse.
Translucency at critical mass.
Transcend cesspool. Freaky haunt.
Nestled unease at cuckoo's nest's bad base.
Holding in berserk entity.
A hatching mothball's windy fringes.
Money murk for doll hickey.
Mug about-face; copped cropped ass-hole.
Abandoned jaws retained fartless.
I'm frog geyser-mollifying. 
Thumb tainted rug-engulfed.
Taint-snuff with thin film of shapeshifter skull.
Engorging organic mitt golem-sexy.
Volcanic vacuum cleaner darkness.
Etsy clump of oscillating nipples.
Hobo doom-knitting's 2D marks.
Clockwise attraction, Freudian-sized.
Roach-trace personal colony.
Hollow Buddha SquarePants.
Flamethrower leaning out Care Bear-boned. 

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