Tuesday, September 10, 2013

nightmare spacewalk

Diarrhea freeze-framed under mysterious circumstances
is not a hoax - but self-fulfilling, richly blinding. A 'ready,' thermos-aggregated
genie tic-tac hob-nobbing bakelight-bloated.

Orgy-sticks bob up and down under an invisibility cloak; a peaking hive.
Atomic chalking regrows skeleton bangles from the rancid cells
of a ghost plague.

Embalming only matches intangibles – with underground spirit-yellow –
encrypted yarn of idiot musk unraveling like an impulsion, cassettes, etc.
Hybrid-pajama spanning omni-chlamydia and so on.

Under the same impractical curse that My Little Pony spacewalks insectoid,
homoerotic exorcism on SecondLife airs cunt implants.
I just might kill the nigga.

Groceries may cohere in a troll's cold eyelids with earlobe-boundaries of
normal Eggnog, false memories will just keep juicing the whole Erf.

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