Sunday, September 1, 2013

lumpy bath water

Connecting brains eventuates a loss of the whole system
Combing the tub of sensory information
Blows my mind, a blown mind looks
Like a tub of jelly beans or a vegetable bypassing a stop sign
A ferris wheel keeping rebounding back
I want to die, I want to die
The funeral home catalyzes a drop in molecules
Armed with all my barf crimes
Clustering weightless
A formation of finger smell
As a true ninja would hideously thread
Ghostbusters vs. gimp and the vague
Waterline of a gag reflex
Evacuated from a darkening inflatable pool
Super Soaker doom bleep
My veins cradle the roadkill and all its flaws
Lumped into a metronome costume
Anthropomorphic radiator
Its apelike deliverance color-coded
By a logic in the bath
Specialized to eventually OK
Holographic floaters, stinkers, etc. 

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