Monday, September 24, 2012


Sweet. Hitler only had one nut.
An armpit had to have been removed gently from the testicle.
But is this an ideal flaw? I would let Steve Buscemi
cluster our masturbatorium with his eyes, yes.
But the shrine may still not work! You may experience
the loud suction of cheese. Let your nipple
stare out from the thyroidal eyelid, bleached. Listen,
if you care to take a peek, each death is still there.
The Sun is on a CD. Technologically, every pig's hemorrhoid is a
pulpit-on-a-chip. Inflatable like the day it was born?
Maybe not. Tasty? Hark, with its weird flow inflammation
laces the corn on your toe fluorescent. At least the washing machine
will no longer keep falling out of a pterodactyl.
This supernatural block wants to mingle electrochemically
with knives and forks! The frenzied wrenching of the ghoul 
deposits pulp on the beach. People will think it's merely rain 
sticking to their umbrellas. Unbeknownst to e.g. that child on a bicycle,
his helmet is a panorama.

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