Saturday, July 21, 2012


A sneaker extracted from dogshit
and placed on the pavement
beside it represents an important
'un-jamming,' i.e. an important transition from
being embedded in a mound of excrement to
the actual resulting (planned?) sneakerprint.
Contrariwise, from skeletal negatives spills
the unthinkable smoothie. I want
my girlfriend to be like that.
Silver vaporized shouldn't become his breath.
A fart, if utilized to make an impressive entrance
or to conclude a speech or to guide a courtship,
shouldn't be apt to disrupt the office,
home, park, museum, moon, sitcom,
the daily quotidian goings-on of Jurassic Park,
the bath, loft, Russian, egress. Bringing
your dirty dish abreast of my skull sensor
made it immediately emotional. The basketball
team thumbed the gymnasium floor tepid. Slurged.
To the floor, it was like being slathered over with sand.
Shadow-washed hands have their evil instinctively
on repeat-wring. Rabid heads farm the hobo's load.
Would it raise the yellow hairs on his arteries?
In the box of bacteria he keeps beside him, would gales form?
An electric wheelchair runs literally till there's no
floor anymore for it to run on.
I'm starting a general purpose cliff face.

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