Saturday, July 14, 2012


We dropped some shopping on the lawn.
We bent to pick it up. I put on some goggles...

[2 hours later]

I am back thanks to our lawn's twice-hourly regurgitation.
Kneecaps unrolled in the remaining green bloat.

'What happened to your goggles? What did you see?'
'Your brain, seeing what I have seen, would agglutinate with your goggles.'
'What did you see?'
'I saw the … I saw the termite queen sucking off your lollipop.'
'I saw the hornier and hoarier of the older termites slop around her.
I saw termite paralysis. I saw the termites waiting for the lollipop's
sherbet's requisite exudation.'
'That's disgusting.'
'It was a new queen. They were training her.'
'Poor thing.'
'Your lolly became detached form its stick.'
'That's what the lollies I like do, rather quickly, unfortunately.'

When something becomes detached it doesn't mean
that thing's going to become totally imperceptible in
the debutante termite's transparent new centrifuge.
The slurring would eventually grant a realization – 'they like me'.
Masticating the overhang opalescent. Girdling
dispelling smooth candled jangle.

I am still sitting on the lawn. My brains are still behind my goggles.
My dog would now approach me, happy.
When happy, my dog is dog-eared.
Ensconcing his head now
to thenceforth flap kindly
over my shoulder.

Hello, boy.
I was under the ground man but now I'm back.

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