Friday, July 6, 2012


a sticky, musky ambiance owing to cuddling with three-pronged
bacterial connectors, also responsible for
polygonal recesses in X-Men tissue cultures
DNA plug-ins, propellers detaching hair-root tails

the snow tassel just before congealing into a marshmallow
resiliently playing up the clown-influence
behind smashing into a hobo's face and oh shit wait …

that's more the providence of the bad mutants
also more posh crimes, like storming in and against the backdrop
of elevator music gumming up the dinner guests' bowels with
a portentous, interfering rash of footfall-acoustics

they (correctly) imagine an exploding skull providing the perfect
counterweight to Christmas, as in the middle of the table
it's recognized as only a small dark spot whose teetering in
the middle of the table makes the guests feel disorientated

magnetically hovering there, laughter from the spot
becoming angled toward the end of the spot's life cycle

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