Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RAP 1, 2 AND RAP 3


it is OK to sing or rap to your droid, but remember
to change their plastic sheeting twice a day; the
first time upon normal disintegration; the second time
after a wet dream – dumbass you shouldn't have sung
or rapped to your droid while it was sleeping...
cuddling up with it but avoiding the denser voids,
and sometimes allowing their ulcers to culminate into
bloated dissociation: the mug-morphing droids of
self-analizing puppies, mechanically squirming on
their own chins, it's just a robot puppy but goddamn –
it's still distracting to look where its ancient corrugations
are pointing, droids personalizing their filaments
like dovetails corrupted in the glare

will need to be returned to the shop or dumped in the basement
but without draining one habitat one would never know:
now the basement is totally clean owing to one thing left out

while happily, meanwhile, my bong's recurring wool surrounds
the big insular outside, the outside outside...
without which (i.e. some sort of outside) we're all submerged,
under water, perhaps moving, perhaps trapped, with a
lid on this high-speed bathtub


I sink and stare through the water – feel made of gold,
rapping, underwater, to myself, this time: rappers preserve their bling
in wheelbarrows, but we're a species left underground
and need no preservation, blind though level
with each other, knees always touching only
the observable, our harnesses essentially missing a W
for correct behavioral underpinning

aliens are attracted to the so-called 'virtual portals' in
their human burritos, ears and eyes – all abnormalities
in replicate as, of course, we're meant to have only one of each,
and plus what's more annoying: a small piece of gravel
retards formation of their society's electronic 'disk,' to be lowered
onto Earth, their instruments weeping over snarls and insults
from the great underground atom, underground reception bitching –


I'd just like to be an antenna for a day or just a stick
thrown into the air to hear their cries for help

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