Sunday, June 17, 2012


I was making photocopies at the photocopy
machine at the office where I work and
the fringe of an innocent bystander's hair
ended up getting photocopied.

Anything placed
in the photocopier's jaws
appears to be
given a blow job, even the side
of someone's head, even
a toenail. Even a person's privates.

Regardless of what's placed
inside. When something is placed
beneath the photocopier's lid, it is easy
to imagine the burgeoning simulacrum; 
but molten. It is easy to imagine the
photocopier sopping up soy sauce.

Magnetic hormones loosely orbit a central
tastebud. A mossy caduceus.
Antlers grown by a cybernetic tele-knoll,
extruding in larger quantities, renewable.
On paper, a wig manifests; its
thousand-year escape velocity is also fungal.

Colors boasting a lady's make-up's
magnificent hill hold. Tracks left in
direct sunlight.

The photocopier at the office
where I work is an upside-down, frizzy,
perhaps carbonated, lawnmower.
It can produce a severed piece of polystyrene.
A pavement, slightly acidified
by its urine, will be neatly
canned by this lawnmower.

It's not good for the ears.
It sounds a bit lecherous.
Like an hedonic hairdryer.
All my coworkers commiserate
in their varied ways, secretly at night,
when the halls are empty, with
the photocopier...

Other stuff falls out...
So this must have fallen out also,”
my coworkers are forever muttering,
sometimes holding up a VHS tape.
Something inside the VHS tape
slides from side to side.
These objects can accommodate egg yolk.
Often, the contents have been
harvested from rat poison. But they
are still environmentally friendly because you
can't open or break the objects.
Their surrounding enamel quietly and
confidently idles.

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