Thursday, June 21, 2012


when I blink, said blink is offset toward the middle
making the blink look a bit misanthropic
I have accepted and embraced this phenomenon, as
I have my dementia, which is exactly there
where I rest my right knee
this might be related but it might not, but I'd also
begun to stroke my cat's sandbox – in time,
I'd broken its sandbox atmosphere
and plus into the bargain, the infinite broke,
in a gaggle of spasms on a tether
a sneeze pushed to the back of a windsock
a brawl in a bar, a layered, accumulative transvestite
I sat watching it and being part of the layers and
enjoying myself, feet clip-clopping on the floor's
absence of space, absence of floor, which was
littered with traffic info, still, neon green heads up display
for a true pilot of his horse-drawn spaceship

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