Wednesday, June 27, 2012


see it in the shutters, with a bill gray
from catching the least moonrise
old, thrumming in Parkinson's glade
with a bit of zoology escaping to
fill bras' extra bit of space
her noise's influence on its bazaar
a mineral growing on the handle
Houdini's leash baked, an Oreo cramped
by the tumor watered
muzzle time and it would start
dry-humping the double helix
erecting the ultimate sexy Frankenpinup on the wall
smoking cigars adjacent to the pajamaed shark
Spider-Man still trying to counteract
the fizzing power-can left at JFK
he's a bit bouncy over harsh slunks
humanity fuels the papaya in me while
an era's nightsweat bakes
on the fender of the meat truck
giddily yumming in a ditch
this is the dark ventriloquy finally awakening
in Google's larynx a new sensation nods
peace crabbed Tupac skinny
for it was the teddy who was capped

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