Thursday, June 7, 2012


its frozen wax had over a million years evolved into a scowl
other people did notice me chewing on the iceberg
it had almost drowned once, but then was quickly patched up
its cells only fit by giving them a heavy slam
aluminum embryo inside, whose dreams are boring
its dreams' vague, seamless glut
doddering in a phlegmy graveyard
in the night sky's frame things brightened up
auxiliary doom: one rare videotape of a comet's caroming
a comet can be quite eccentric - and deadly - if it doesn't get its 
trajectories exactly right
i.e. a stegosaurus following the yellow brick road;
its nose's smell poised above the unobtainable air-freshener
the stegosaurus's hard-to-reach neon collarbone gone stale w/
much of its color/odor squandered
you need an afternoon of like-minded whales
the nation needs Jerry Springer digging flea poop
out of one of those phallic pots:
the triangular downpour would wipe out his small audience
I have never sat in certain armchairs before
I have never been part of a live/undead studio audience
my spinning, leaking ego's logic needs looking at
its bubble is stuffed
a freak gerbil wheel of bladder lapse

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