Wednesday, June 13, 2012


for a moment there, slime gained sentience
bobbing up and down, stalking
eager faces on long necks

I've seen its application in soap operas
smiles initiating their dental outer layers

these are mere consumer products, hungering
e.g. in a hardware store: things the
rake finds appetizing

cloaking a jagged projection
with one's skin – can you see with it or merely smell?
is it a nose attached
to the back of the eyeball?

in all soap operas a character falls into a coma
contorted into a shape
with hips higher than knees
a rusty thimble coming loose
in the subject's coma, its head
up a fat locust, its head wrapped in a swarm –
part of the brain seems to be a murky blowtorch,
growling, lithium on some long wire
or other implement

the sides of the chemical do grip;
in the middle a spray always resides

a space-autopsy of our zeitgeist
slush on a book's floor
words engulfed in fertilizer
turning a page is like
gauze falling flat out of the sky

in soap operas, one learns about ways
to make your spores dazzle her;
drunk on linoleum sundaes
with chicken movements shaking one's restraints


  1. linoleum sundaes sound very summery.

    1. soak it up, it's as summery as it gets around these here parts


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