Saturday, May 19, 2012


Strip-searched toasty, weather permitting. Distorted by dirtse.
Flying over the planet's coarse, dinosaur kitsch. The occasional
respiratory spark due to the extreme environment.
Horny 360 degrees.

I heard a story about plane-crash victims looking 'unborn,'
and how if you wanted to bring them back to life you
needed to restart the whole process of life, starting with birth etc.
I heard that merely by screwing an LED into Styrofoam, a skillful
alchemist can reproduce a fetus's intense nipple. Also, the crinkly
biomass of its impending vinegar, flooding.

That's how we discovered our little hero. Paralyzed aerially,
with a musical squawk. Otherwise, this microbe's being so resistant
to everything extreme = truly heart-warming. Also, on its furry BMX;
teeth gripping the handlebars. At best, adorable teeth is universal.

We became ill at the airport. Trying to break into the duty free
apothecary, we found the lock inundated by a swamp. Like any untuned
mechanism. So I said stand back, and opened the door by rolling
the lock in my mind. Delicate work, like turning the crank on
a paperclip's spine. It dissolves any interior flatness, so that it can easily
slip between two sheets of paper. Fine shit. The rest of this odd
connectivity, it's merely transmitted into the bucket in your left hand.
Like cow entrails.

The cause of all this negativity in my robotic arm, it
has to be its rootedness in ambiguous sediment. In
mall skin and mall eyes. Though one can easily start a tractor
or break a door down with it.

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