Thursday, May 3, 2012


trumpet glue twist-its to the hills
lizard-thicking your angle;
the low light yearly dissects solid gum
the foil restores an object's moving,
and Velcro is grilled onto a sort of background

lunch thread using one's evil stylus
that such a crowd's poop-heap could merely [fade]
then that ribbon-monster above the gas station

chemical slumber party

[so wary of] [internal forehead] [shift!]

sliced filthy

what a strong brain's pixelated slime dabbles with

whose pouch's concept this is

when merely a maggot cloak reinforced

or a prison become pretty non-relevant?
witch-taser deformation wrestler green; skull bloat a pentagram futuristic
the umbrella's tactile feedback in a lightning storm
surgically nodules pauper hide, creating a masterpiece of Chupacabra

birth stomp

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