Wednesday, May 9, 2012


guess how duck-billed bacteria compress their vomit:
additives like heavy zeppelins released with their farts

tetherball cavity on crutches
echos with driftwood ear,
impairing dreams' water

our dimension finally begins to regenerate, clown wet
ammonia smears along its mealy depths:
sauna slime is itself an animated being

a sudden influx of pig steam
laser-scratches the pizza
its whole life itching in an incubator, undead

heavy zeppelins behind the cute black seam
stop-motion exiting
thread-like growth on mechanical dentures:

ailments like undetectable limbs,
the butcher's bone retooled
to remove its own root, closes,
and during sleep looks like a space suit:

carbon freezing the remains
until their final resurrection

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