Saturday, April 21, 2012


I chose to have my mail-order pet reach me frozen,
Eluding one of life's terrifying special effects of
Everything, including eyelids, tails,
Skin, reaching me crawling,

An act itself inseparable from a bonus special effect:
Flies like distorting:
Pepper like dissolving:
Rubber like perforating:

Chernobyl bubble wrap with no
Interior or exterior, with no light or color but
With exactly the same volume as a room in Ikea,
An air of isolation encapsulating the
Muppet hologram found masturbating in there, the squarely facing
Head turned 180 degrees, what's basically a
Promo gimmick now scaring voyeurs directly behind it as the
Trashcan directly in front of it takes one in the eye.

What you shrimp will spill its putrid haze.
Wobbly stuff will kamikaze for awhile,
Sick pneumatic density embroidered, concealed in this
Life-like hotel sick with its density.

Beware of its disturbing divination:
I am tired of the shower” is Optimus Prime rusting in the shower with you:
A smell coming down the stairs:
Hamburger fringe's lasting effect on the nurse:
Horizons sutured:
The mall cop intricate and Victorian.

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