Saturday, April 28, 2012


unless because of the tension between
my computer mouse and
the common ambulance
its earlier anatomy removed with medical science
from the assembly line
to restore the former grass
and now I'm very excited about its geology;
as I always thought, the self-aware farmer is the
most realistic mechanical grime, his Dalek body type
completes the social awkwardness
and when braces are rendered obsolete
his nose-circuitry will be thrown into relief
waterproof the broken cave
like an elevator that includes an embrace
one's deepest tissue heartbroken in a can
Having Dissected The Inanimate To Complete A
Cellphone's Grisly Transformation; advertising's
inevitable fragmentation after ceasing to
relentlessly document the puppy's abduction,
culminating in an optical illusion of either
Culture, Our Companionship, or A Burning Space Shuttle

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