Friday, March 23, 2012


in the used napkin, dimensions melt
the scars of Lazarus are of cork, and he
was raised as Katy Perry –
with proportioned splatter
the toilet's great hair discharge
rip in coma grows bigger and what escapes gets old pretty quickly
degenerates into elevator music
breath: a thoracic loss, coming in boxes on a conveyor belt
murdered in a pillow alien invasion –
capable of bunning very nicely
sandwich catheter; or crust shape-shifts into Bruce Lee
but I'll cut off your supply with a razor blade,
lobotomize your gargoyle
pee stain your lampshade”
he's itching from huffing Botox
he's crippling already-dead animals in a slaughterhouse with nunchucks
he's a rat causing the pussy to crackle
volume changed radio station altered – radio switched off


  1. off is on
    my god i am drunk
    but it's great anyway

    1. rad, i should get more drunk readers!

    2. it's not easy
      in fact, i think it's a tremendous task))
      mostly because they're too volatile


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