Thursday, March 8, 2012


every song is on the B-side
spent cornflakes are reusable
people cry turds
in prisons, turds are cried quickly
people are garbage
no, really – they're garbage
contusions when garbage blossoms
fart-like tumors when garbage blossoms garbage
morals stomped on by a garbage teapot
teapot puffs – more black teapot smoke – more teapot mass
crime and death happening at a frequency at which a paint chip can cut a finger
fraud, failure, and really telling the plumber that when it has been raining, water
seems to collect somewhere in the dildos he'd cobbled together
and water rushes out and usually onto my feet
I run the bath in a frenetic state, mysteriously
on another planet
like the Sarlacc, his tendrils only calmed after swallowing a Coke can
ghost transmissions issued by thousand year-old bicycle parts
on another planet
the staff at all Pizza Huts poison the knobs on all pizzas
pizzas have knobs that can be tweaked
animated GIFs are dumb, and primarily depict grass cutters
sand cutely tumbles down the funnel gradients
towards where more sand is having some kind of nervous breakdown
fleeing, fleeing anything: it feels like fleeing a global outbreak of
microscopic metal clamps
looking smug in your trailer – but you're just one of the
thousands fleeing in their stupid trailers
you live on another planet
fleeing with a smug facial expression
reflecting on how unfair it is that conjoined T-bones or butterflies
enjoy a symmetry far superior to their human counterparts
how vaporizing a pigeon exacerbates the Darkness
how lest it breaks or snaps, Styrofoam cannot be 'unfurled'
unless by a weird, disturbing magic
the janitor standing in the middle of the basement,
at our school, stands there alone like that when no one's watching –
it's also magical, and on another planet

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