Friday, February 17, 2012


the fruitfly's spinal cord ends in chunky scrotum crust.
like a common buzzer's radius pushing outward in
an explosion of dust. We are loud. Headhunters sidetracked
by moons, dangerously barbeque-prone. If you could
see a PET scan of our tastebuds, you'd see radioactive
pixels stacked into really cool afros, infinitely high and wide.
Stop talking in the movies. Its footprints are
Odd but otherwise the angel of death is normal.
We use his/her footprints as graves. They sprout
Hair. We shave them. The empty bucket by the
Priest's leg has dead eyes. After 5 mins the bucket
Is full of coarse black hair. Why does he stalk spirits
Around the graveyard with a can of sealant in his pocket?
sewers are also a component of the Force. Jedis hate veggies
and hate peeling their membranes. To us headhunters, the
vegetable Core is a little 'off-center.' The truth is pointless.

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