Wednesday, February 15, 2012


a microbe struggling on the pale blue LED lump
such is life,

one man's suffering is another
mouse's gums fitted with a hundred
electrical outlets


always [man and mouse both] still easily leading to violence –

as the kindly astronaut lifts and shows us what
lives underneath the soft martian plaque: LOOK HERE
all peanuts at one point or another switch souls,
all baptized in headphones, bum bum” –
that's why they're bald; and in this weather, heart attack windswept

my actual shit's jabbering with
Burger King chin soil”; you can't really
appreciate how I'm digging this

ritualistic ice cream scars,
Escher's ominous roller coaster designs,
they enjoy merely a secondary beauty



you'll be many fingers forever

not with the hideous, infected
makeup of large feet suicide-wielding an ax at
the local gym,

odorous; though very nice pollutants form
their own crown of butterflies

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