Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Shirtless, I always appear missing off the system!
Morphological features fluctuate like urban decay's
animatronic scab. New enzymes seem to take turns
juxtaposing my stomach's inner appearances!

In sacred outage, polymerize your brains out.
With chemical reactions, open a portal in the dance floor!
OCD is rampant at the zoo how it boosts the bear's
compassion for its new egg! A bit harsh optical illusion, man.
The g-spot flap is just a trick of the light.
To call a blessing like this from Heaven a choking hazard...

Always believed free-range sleeping pills
make the biggest brainwave difference.
Would not have rubbed goo into my eyes with
a mop if I didn't like it! In formaldehyde coming up
for air the love meter dimming. See faces in
discount meat, like a profound loss marked by memory foam!

An inert stud, sputnik sleeps in a diaper. The baby seems
to like all the electrical and mechanical equipments I hope it
won't lead to language spasms? It used to be the preserve
of magic mushrooms, all the germs in the bankie somehow burst
into a molecular cloud now worn by the troll doll drug mule
as an Afro!

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