Thursday, January 26, 2012


Because every time in my lab,
it's difficult to see what
you can hear.

Mountain Dew decontextualized in the guillotine.
Heard or seen? You can “SEE” your amoeba tanning
under the Big Bang's ancient UV strobes, surely?

Kermit's lobotomy sounds crisp – e.g. a green tomato
frogging in a robot's armpit.
Puppets of a wrapped atom, pleasuring audiences circa 1938.

Before discovering artificial life, I tried to master/elude
death by taking my coroner on a romantic Ferris Wheel ride.
It also helped to differentiate death's usual kick to the nuts
from the eternally dangling solar rays light-seconds within
my grasp.

If from one day to the next 4chan can be defiled,
by a garden variety pork volt – basically by a homeless man -
cabbage can be turned to plush by chemistry normally
only good for scarring. Look up at the sky – and see
the claw marks.

I'm busy reading now that the gerbil is at its ontological peak
when on a talk show only without a helmet. Hmm.

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