Friday, January 6, 2012


it brought back unpleasant memories when my ant farm organized its own high school football team
and built a hot air balloon to honor its new deity
to whom they sacrificed a shrimp
and pulled the arms out of the sockets of the shrimp, during the sacrifice
they are sometimes invisible to me – but
I sometimes hear a pathological ring tone emanating from their mounds, like someone's cell phone's left ringing
the continuous, in out in out in out – and
I wish for my dishwasher to divert its pipe to one of their entrances instead of having to be switched off at all – same counts for all my apartment's other taps
their deity is a skeleton astronaut that drifts perpendicular to our universe
to give you context, this guy sees in terms of 'spectra,' and every 'spectrum' is fringed with lost drifting gingerbread – and to this 'god' it would be 'pleasant' to 'eat' the gingerbread
they built a cyclotron and I don't know they must've screwed something up because in parts it froths
of course they lick it

in an abandoned amusement park (it must've come out of the ground, the same as a small dirty mannequin that one day came tottering in stops and starts out of the ground, pushed from below) ant robbers were attempting to rob a stationary strain overgrown with weeds
by the time I got to know the colony, this performance seemed prosaic to me
a cloak of invisibility was once again draped over that area of the ant farm

I think of mass absorption when I look down into my ant farm
I think of oxidized metals, gall lying in a pit
I think: my dog does fit in there...

what was really terrifying, was when I dreamed I had taken up
killing them off one by one by shooting them with a rubber band,
and in the dream as the rubber band stretched from the
tip of my finger, suddenly I could see the molecular structure of
the rubber band, and somehow that caused me to wake up
with a start, sweating, panting
would be wonderful to be a little ant and go up in a hot air balloon
instead when I see theirs, constructed in honor of their deity,
horned pottery comes to mind

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